Double jumps and mushroom power ups

Davis calls me a professional student. He says if I could get paid for all the books I’ve read, courses I’ve taken, and workshops I’ve attended, we’d be millionaires by now. It’s true though—I love to learn. But I’ve been in input mode for so long—taking in all the information, reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts—that I didn’t realize how little I was actually processing. I’ve been unintentionally greedy with all the life gems that have been passed down to me. I haven’t picked up a book (besides Outlander of course lol) because I am full to the gills. I cannot take in one more thing. It’s time to digest, process, and share. I am finally shifting to output mode. And yet, as soon as I say that I feel called to teach, every single Negative Nancy in my head comes out to play, telling me I have nothing unique to offer, someone else is already doing it and doing it better than I ever could, I’m not funny enough or interesting enough so I’ll never have anyone to share this work with. I find the Nancies to be my own worst critics, talking me down from what looks to be a ledge. Or is it a springboard? The Nancies don’t know because they’ve never had the courage to ask! I imagine it as a Super Mario obstacle where a solid double jump could get me to the next level or where a tragic misstep could take me straight down into the unknown world below. If I practice what I preach about what you focus on becomes your reality, I’ll focus on the actions needed to level up. So, instead of asking myself “why me?” as I approach the edge, a question of dead weight, I will make my way (cautiously) to the edge saying “why NOT me?” as I hit a perfectly timed double jump and allow my super mushroom power up of self-trust to take me to the next level.