Photo by  Davis James

Photo by Davis James

Are you overwhelmed with all the things you “should” be doing or all the things you “could” be doing?

Are you ready for a new way of doing all the things you WANT to be doing?

Are you ready to get more done while doing less?

Are you ready to move beyond the same boring thought patterns you keep finding yourself in?

The answers you’re looking for aren’t out “there.” They’re inside. We think the answers will come if we achieve more, produce more, make more, do more more more. And yet, we’re still not “there.” We’re still struggling, still suffering from the same thought patterns of “not good enough.” It’s hard because we’ve been taught our self worth is inextricably linked with our productivity!

But there’s a different way. A simpler way. Simple, but not easy.

Exploration of Rest is a 30 day journey to a more rested you. You’ll learn the who, what, when, where, and why of rest and how to cultivate a daily rest practice. It’s only 20 minutes. While this practice is for you, first and foremost, your daily rest practice is also for everyone around you. By being more rested, you’ll experience greater joy, happiness, and ease which means you’ll be able to offer the best version of you to those you love most (and even those you don’t). By committing to a daily rest practice, you’ll notice your productivity skyrocket, your creativity blossom, your stress plummet, and your self worth flourish. Because the changes come from your own inherent wisdom. And you’re giving your body permission to support you.

What you get:

  • a 25 page guidebook

  • before and after journal prompts

  • a chart to track your progress

  • a live video kickoff call to learn more about why rest is so important and to ask any questions

  • a custom essential oil roller to help ground you before and during your practice

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