I’m hosting a FREE five-day rest reset starting December 1. Right in the middle of the busy holiday season is a great time to add more to your plate, right? This rest reset isn’t about doing more, it’s about doing less. Yes, you’ll add a commitment to your calendar: a commitment to doing less. Nothing, in fact. It’s a 20 minute practice dedicated to restoring your energy levels, improving your listening skills for all the holiday conversations, connecting with your heart so you can spread more joy during the most busy time of year.

What it is: a 20 minute practice of being completely held and supported. It’s a time for real, true rest. Rest is different than sleep, and we’ll get into that.

What you get: a 5 day mini guidebook, journal questions, and an intention for each day’s practice. Plus more joy, more love, more happiness, more fulfillment, more ease, more balance, more connection. When you’re so busy giving your time, money, and attention to others, don’t forget your most important asset: yourself. You are just as important as everyone else. If not more so, because those presents won’t be as thoughtfully wrapped without you. Those holiday parties won’t be as lively without you. Those deep conversations around the dinner table won’t be as meaningful without you.

This free rest reset is for YOU. When you offer love and generosity to yourself, it flows out of you more freely. So while you’re caring for yourself, you’re caring for all your loved ones around you. Give yourself the gift of rest this holiday season.

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